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Purchase MethodInstructionsAmount
Purchase Gold using Darkscape GoldBy using Darkscape Gold you are able to purchase any amount you wish. Simply contact our live support if you're intrested.100 Gold / Mil
Purchase Gold using PayPalYou are able to purchase gold to use on the website through PayPal.500 Gold / $5

Third Party

You are able to get gold as a bonus for using these third party services. Simply click the link to go to their website and upon using their services you will be provided a voucher code for each 10 gold according to the chart below.

Runescape Gold TradingRS Gold SwappingWhen swapping make sure to ask for some Mage Raffle Vouchers.RS3: 1 Gold / Mil
OS: 5 Gold / Mil
DS: 10 Gold / Mil
Runescape PokerDarkScape PokerWhen topping up ask for some Mage Raffle Vouchers.DS: 10 Gold / Mil