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Mage Raffles FAQ

How do I get gold?
You are able to get gold by trading in various items or game currencies, claiming winning raffles or outright paying for them. You can check out the options by clicking here.

How do I claim a win on a raffle?
To claim a win on any raffle you have entered click the “Check” link on the top right hand side of the page when you’re logged in. From there it will show any raffles you have won and if you want to claim it in Mage Raffle Gold or the item.

How do I check raffles that have recently complete?
There are a few raffles shown at the bottom of the page for whatever game you choose. If you want to find one further back you need to remember the item ID which can be found in the URL of whichever raffle you click on.

I need some additional help?
Check out our support page or chat to us on our live support.